Discover Human Resource with Mitelik

We discover qualified human resources with a SCIENTIFIC model, we enable you to look at your human resources with a holistic approach for a more effective human resources management.

Increase your productivity with Mitelik

Discover the talents and potentials of your staff faster with the Mitelik consulting and support application.

360° Viewpoint

Make Analyzes from different levels according to the orientation of the personnel (Manager Analysis, Horizontal Analysis and Employee Analysis)

Potential and Talent Discovery

Make detailed analysis with 7 Different Types, 26 Categories, 148 Sub-Categories and more than 400 Criteria

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Merit Analysis

Perform analyzes for the personnel individually or according to the needs of the position they have carried out.

Personal Development Support

It provides training and consultancy suggestions suitable for the individual characteristics of the personnel, and enables them to see their weak and risky aspects. It focuses on real potential and produces roadmaps for you to develop it.

Social Competence Scale

Analyze dozens of social competence criteria such as flexible thinking, tolerance, open-mindedness and openness to criticism.

Compliance and Risk Analysis

It offers you solutions on compliance analysis with the team or manager, risk analysis of leaving the job and many more.

Leadership and Promotion Analysis

Perform analysis with leadership tests. Perform Leadership analyzes based on merit or evaluate promotions and support with career paths

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